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3 way backpack
20+ storage design
eco-friendly material from Taiwan
3WAY Backpack
Pick your favorite style today.
Backpack type
Organize your life
Play a Good Role
Shoulder Bag
Perfect for your light travel
Luggage Strap
Prepare for your light travel

storage spaces

180° Flat Opening Design
Net Pouches & Pockets
Two Separate Compartments
Headphone Holder
Necktie and Cufflink Pocket
Umbrella and Waterbottle Pockets
Hidden Pockets

Necktie & Cufflink Pocket
Headphone Holder

Design and Material from Taiwan


High-tech TPX Multilayer fabric
  • Waterproof Base Layer
  • 1000D Nylon Fabric
  • Plasma-Sprayed coating layer
  • PET/TPU layer


Reduce wasted-water 20%
Save energy 50%
lower harmful emissions 60%

Selected Leather


2 Colors (Black / Gray)


"Work in Style,
Travel with Attitude."

After traveling all around the world, we desired to create a design that suits the needs of globetrotters— something built for simplicity and ease. After nearly 1 year of conceptualization, the BRIXTYLE brand was born.

The BRIXTYLE name is an amalgamation of Bricks + Style, symbolizing the laying of bricks one on top of another— making your dreams come true petit à petit (step by step).

After exploring America, Japan, Netherlands, and France, and immersing themselves in many different cultures, the BRIXTYLE team returned back to their homeland of Taiwan. They were ready to develop a product using locally produced high-tech textile fabrics and promote their innovative travel companion to the world.

BRIXTYLE is always by your side. Whether for business, leisure, or city expeditions—  BRIXTYLE is always free-spirited and ready to go wherever life takes you.